No quick fix with us! We will give you a quality guaranteed repair which is kind to your wallet.

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Had an accident? Your local body shop simplifies everything! Many insurance companies attempt to direct your claim towards their own ‘approved’ repairers, but for their benefit, not yours. As the policy holder you are under no obligation to follow their advice and you have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle. By contacting your local body shop you’ll be kept up to date from your body shop you’ll be kept up to date from the horse’s mouth and everything will be dealt with directly.

Running a vehicle is expensive enough, and repairing it is another unwelcome expense. It is tempting to cut costs and have a cheap cosmetic job done, but these just don’t last.

Hear you are warmly welcomed by a family business that has a reputation of quality, care and an eye for detail. Cost effective solutions are offered and the ultimate standards of work is completed together with a professional customer services start to finish.

Economise on costs - not quality

Don’t lose you no claims bonus unnecessarily – repairs may be cheaper than your than your insurance Excess.

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